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  1. WPS and OpenWRT

    When hearing WPS(Wifi Protected Setup) i always think of the worst idea in network security. 'Hey, how about changing a long key with a minimum length of 8 characters to something like... 4 numbers! And with that number you get the original password! GENIUS' . But WPS consists of more …

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  2. Introducing ElchOS

    This Blog post is the first of the many blog posts to come around elchOS and its internals.

    ElchOS is a linux distribution with the purpose of providing a simple way to share disk storage and data in a streamlined fashion. The intend is to solve the 'Filesharing on the …

  3. LDAP Hit-and-Run

    Mon 24 February 2014
    By makefu

    I was in the unfortunate situation that i needed to fix an ldap server, specifically fixing a 'login failed' situation. There was only one problem, i had fucking clue how ldap is configured, or even working. Also, i didn't knew any passwords. But i had a user account on the …

    Tagged as : ldap hackery quickstart
  4. Install GIT on RHEL5 without Internet

    Tue 18 February 2014
    By makefu

    I was facing the problem that i desperately needed git on one of the development Redhat 5 systems which had no direct internet connection. As EPEL is an open repository to retrieve all kinds of cool packages also Git is available there. All i needed to do was to find …

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  5. Piwik for this blog

    Tue 18 February 2014
    By makefu

    I was looking for a simple analytics tool for this blog. As everyone seems to be using piwik and everyone loves docker for rapid deployment. As i am always short on resources on all my machines i decided to deploy piwik on another of my VMs which is mediengewitter.krebsco …

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  6. Make screen behave more like tmux

    Mon 17 February 2014
    By makefu

    I am using tmux on pretty much all hosts i control but all-too-often i need to work on retarded hosts which only have screen installed.

    I love to use ctrl-b because ctrl-a is the beginning of the line in default bash keybindings. Here are my changes in ~/.screenrc

    # use ctrl-b …
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  7. Revive this Blog

    Sun 17 February 2013
    By makefu

    2 years ago i lost this blog in an unexpected VPS shutdown and of course i had no backups (duh!) and had not used any kind of version management. Thanks to at least the content of the blog left intact. I guess that's why it is sometimes called …

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  8. Dropbear Public-Key Authentication

    Tue 07 August 2012
    By makefu

    ssh-copy-id does not work out of the box for dropbear. The issue is that dropbear may only have one authorizedKeys file while openssh handles this file for each user. To fix it symlink the root users authorizedKeys file to the dropbear one.

    openwrt>> ln -s /root/.ssh/authorized_keys /etc/dropbear …
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  9. Utf8 in an Irssi/tmux/putty/windows Stack

    Getting irssi running with utf8 support in a putty/tmux stack is madness. Here is what you have to do.

    add lines in .{ba,z}shrc:

    export LANG=en_US.utf8
    export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8

    add lines in .tmux.conf:

    set-option -g default-terminal "rxvt"
    set-window-option -g utf8 on

    in irssi:

    /set …
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  10. install graphite+web with apache2 and collectd

    After some try and error, this is how i got graphite and graphite_web running under a debian derivative (ubuntu 12.04).

    apt-get install python-django python-cairo
    sudo easy_install django-tagging
    pip install carbon
    pip install whisper
    pip install graphite-web
    cd /opt/graphite/conf
    cp carbon.conf.example carbon.conf
    cp …
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