1. Remove empty folders in offlineimap

    Thu 31 January 2019
    By makefu

    Offlineimap becomes quite slow when you have so many (empty folders), this is how you can delete them.

    The blog post is based on a (now offline) article by Matt Palma.


    Besure to double and triple check every command, actions on the remote are permanent. If you want to …

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  2. Podcasting with Pulse

    Thu 28 September 2017
    By makefu

    I want a very simple setup where i can podcast via studio-link with my headset and stream the whole thing to xenim.

    Therefore i have:

    • Headset Mic ( alsa_output.CODEC.analog-stereo.monitor )
    • Headset Speaker ( alsa_input.CODEC.analog-stereo )
    • studio-link recording
    • studio-link playback

    I need to create an extra streaming audio …

    Tagged as : pulseaudio darkice
  3. Change Deluge User-Agent

    For some torrents bittorrent peers seem to refuse sharing with my deluge daemon because it had the wrong 'user-agent' (read: Discrimination).

    Fortunately, on the internet nobody knows you are a dog. As long as we show the correct name-tag and provide some basic features we will be good to go …

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  4. XBMC on Firetv

    Sun 04 January 2015
    By makefu

    I was somewhat disappointed from plex performance and functionality so i looked for a way to get XBMC(kodi, but whatever) on my amazon firetv.

    This blog post is essentially a digest from the original xbmc-wiki-page and if something is not like you want it you may want to look …

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  5. OpenWRT reghack

    Sun 04 January 2015
    By makefu

    With the reghack tool you will be able to have your wifi card run on it's full potential without all the pesky regulations requiring you to send on a lower tx power.

    Of course you may only do this in a metal chamber in your lab for testing purposes.

    cd …
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  6. Filter Local Network-Access for Libvirt Guest

    Thu 04 December 2014
    By makefu

    My google-fu was not strong enough to find a walkthrough of how to filter the local network for a libvirt guest instance which is using a nat-ed interface while keeping the access to the internet working.

    Here is what i came up with:

    Define nwfilter rule

    My local network is …

    Tagged as : libvirt netfilter
  7. Scripting the Fortigate VPN Client

    Fri 12 September 2014
    By makefu

    Again there was a need to fix frickelsoftware. In that case i needed a permanent vpn connection via the fortigate vpn client . Problem is, that the tunnel disconnects after some time but the client does not exists and that input cannot simply piped into the executable.

    I wrote an Expect …

    Tagged as : expect fortigate

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