Install GIT on RHEL5 without Internet

Tue 18 February 2014
By makefu

I was facing the problem that i desperately needed git on one of the development Redhat 5 systems which had no direct internet connection. As EPEL is an open repository to retrieve all kinds of cool packages also Git is available there. All i needed to do was to find out the dependencies, copy the packages to the host and you are done.

You need the following packages:

  • git (EPEL)
    • perl-Git (dep) (EPEL)
      • perl-error (EPEL)
      • perl-termreadkey (EPEL)
      • perl (installed in my case) (core)

Today (2014-02-18) i downloaded the following packages:

# on internet-available node:
wget '' \
     '' \
     '' \
     '' \
     # you may need this as well.
scp *.rpm <lab-host>:~
ssh <lab-host>
    sudo rpm -i *.rmp

If they go 404 have a look at for EPEL (replace 5Server with 6Server for RHEL6) and for core packages for RHEL.