Change Deluge User-Agent

For some torrents bittorrent peers seem to refuse sharing with my deluge daemon because it had the wrong 'user-agent' (read: Discrimination).

Fortunately, on the internet nobody knows you are a dog. As long as we show the correct name-tag and provide some basic features we will be good to go:

vim $(find / -path '*deluge/core/' )

Now, change the following lines:

<         self.session = lt.session(lt.fingerprint("DE", *version), flags=1)
>         self.session = lt.session(lt.fingerprint("UT", 3, 3, 1, 0), flags=1)
<         self.settings.user_agent = "Deluge %s" % deluge.common.get_version()
>         self.settings.user_agent = "uTorrent/3310(30017)"