Custom CD Images on Sansa U3

Mon 13 February 2012
By makefu

I’m using a Sandisk Cruzer 8GB SDCZ36-008G-E11 (not B35) to deploy ISOs on the virtual CD-Rom drive (U3 Smart).

write iso

Some computers do better with a real cd-rom drive when botting a live system.

dmesg | grep CD-ROM
u3-tool -i /dev/sdx1
#resize cd-drive to N blocks
u3-tool -p 7065646592 /dev/sdx1
u3-tool -l debian.iso /dev/sdx1

create own iso

In some cases you want to write a special iso to the usb stick, for example to automate some tasks on a friends computer or make use of the great autostart feature which will only be available for cd-rom drives but not usb-sticks.

mkdir myiso
cat << EOF > myiso/autorun.inf
action=Open folder to view files
wget folder.ico calc.exe
mkisofs -V FreeStuff -J -r -o my.iso myiso
u3-tool /dev/sdx1 my.iso

See also for a sweet USB Switchblade (pyblade).