Finding the Ebay Kleinanzeigen Application Password

To use the ebay kleinanzeigen api (e.g. with ebk-client) an application username and an application password is required. However there are only two options to get this:

  1. send a mail to and never get a response or
  2. find the working credentials yourself in applications which must store the credentials

This blog post describes the second approach, however you will have to to the steps yourself and maybe even learn something as the "answer" is not stored here. If you are unwilling to follow the steps, you are probably not worthy to use the ebay kleinanzeigen api.


To get started you will need to install the following tools:

  1. apktool
  2. dex2jar
  3. java decompiler

Getting the application

You will have to get the ebay kleinanzeigen apk from somewhere, i chose to duckduckgo "ebay kleinanzeigen apk"

Download the app and put it in the current working directory.

Unpacking the apk layers

I use apktool and dex2jar to unpack the apk

apktool d -r -s eBay_Kleinanzeigen.apk
cd eBay_Kleinanzeigen
d2j-dex2jar ./classes.dex --force

Finding the credentials

Once unpacked we simply have to find the credentials somewhere in the code.

At first we open ./classes-dex2jar.jar with the java disassembler:

jd-gui ./classes-dex2jar.jar

and now we can use the search to find the loot:

jd-gui search window