Teardown and disassembly of the DPS8005

Sun 06 January 2019
By makefu

I disassembled the DPS8005 step-down converter from aliexpress so you don't have to.

I did this after the installation of the alternative firmware OpenDPS somewhat failed and i've opened an issue in github.

This blog post contains the images of all parts of the DPS from lower level, where the MOSFETS are attached, to the upper part with the logic circuit to the display.

All images can be clicked to enhance to full size.

Lower Part

I desoldered the heatsink on the mosfets to get to the pass-through pins. The board is a bit dirty due to my amateurish desoldering skills.



Middle Part



I added some text because i was unable to get a clean image where every ic on the board can be read. I also added the pinout for UART and the SWD interface.




I hope this helps reverse-engineering the difference between this device and the DPS5005!

Auxiliary files

OpenDPS suggested taking register snapshots via the SWD-Interface with the help of an ST-link and openOCD. For all files the input was 20.84V .